Guys I just finished the Grimm season finale and I am so excited for next season. **Spoilers ahead**

I checked through the tag some and was surprised how many of the other fans seems to disagree to what I think. What XD

First Adalind, she is so awesome gosh so excited for her. Please don’t send too much hate because I don’t want them to remove her from the show. Please let her stay. She makes the story interesting and I really enjoy her dynamic with Nick. She’s gonna be so furious when she realizes that she’s not getting her baby back. Wonder what she’ll do….*snicker*

I was surprised to find myself feeling meeeeh when Renard was shot. I mean I guess I don’t really find his character very interesting, but I know many people like him so they should be wise to let him live. I’m sure he’s not gonna die.

Also please let Wu in on everything now, he deserves to know. Also please let him get more screen time, he is a funny character ^^

I have this secret wish that Trubel and Nick are siblings, or cousins at least. I just want Nick’s mom to come back and be like… “oh yeah I had a daughter too” X) that would be so cool.

I feel like Juliette needs some time to think things through. She’s been put through so much shit she deserves a break. She’s a really nice and caring person she doesn’t deserve all this crap. I know she and Nick loves each other but maybe they are bad for each other.

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DEREK’S MOTHER IS ALIVE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111/


Talia Hale…



Once we know it’s coming…

Wait what.

Okay I am behind on Teen Wolf: The Hunt. But that stuff is considered canon? Is it?

So, for those who haven’t played, maybe some spoilers here but WHAT

Allison took care of a female werewolf?

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Points to whoever can spot the similar object in both pictures.

What, sorry I am not that calm right now, OMG GERARD HAS STILES.

I’ll leave that thought with you for the rest of the night.

Just wait until Gerard realises he took an alpha mate

Guys calm down, of course Derek must be a werewolf.

He was born one and there is no cure for that.

They JUST talked about in that episode how you could go down from alpha to beta and from beta to omega and it was all just a big bundle of ranks.

He is probably a beta now.