DEREK’S MOTHER IS ALIVE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111/


Talia Hale…



Once we know it’s coming…

Wait what.

Okay I am behind on Teen Wolf: The Hunt. But that stuff is considered canon? Is it?

So, for those who haven’t played, maybe some spoilers here but WHAT

Allison took care of a female werewolf?

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Points to whoever can spot the similar object in both pictures.

What, sorry I am not that calm right now, OMG GERARD HAS STILES.

I’ll leave that thought with you for the rest of the night.

Just wait until Gerard realises he took an alpha mate

Guys calm down, of course Derek must be a werewolf.

He was born one and there is no cure for that.

They JUST talked about in that episode how you could go down from alpha to beta and from beta to omega and it was all just a big bundle of ranks.

He is probably a beta now.