What part of cleaning my room don’t I understand?

posted 1 year ago

I don’t remember where I read it but someone said before that Spitz wouldn’t release their version of Time Travel as the OST for Boku to Star no 99 nichi back when it was airing. I really liked that song so I was sad to hear that they weren’t releasing a CD version. I actually liked the song so much I even checked who made the original version back in 78’ and got that one to listen to. It’s still good but I really really wanted the new version by Spitz, but it never came when I waited for it and there were no news about it D:

ANYWAY I just recently thought of it again when I listened to the old version by Harada Shinji, and then I went to google to see if Spitz ever released anything, and I found it T___________T I’m so happy I have the new cover version and it’s sooo good I will listen to it all the time I love this song, everyone go listen to it now. I swear this song made the entire jdrama. watch?v=QYhMSppJteI

posted 1 year ago

Just watched the last episode of Faith T______T

I CRIED. I love this kdrama so much why did it have to end and why was it so sad why why why why why did it have to make me cry.

UGH I hate when kdramas do that. In the first few episodes it’s like “OH look at me I’m a comedy you’re going to laugh your ass off watch this you’ll be peeing your pants” and then after just when you got into it a bit it’s all like “NOPE just kidding this is a friggin tragedy you’re going to have your heart ripped in half and cry your eyes out I hope that’s ok”

Also just as an update on the other tv shows I’m watching. FINALLY I got to know who the doctor were in Once Upon a Time. YES I’ve been waiting for this episode my entire life!!! kinda XD and I didn’t expect that.  I am intrigued. 

Knowing what is coming up on the walking dead, I am not looking forward to it D: I’m preparing to get some mental issues for what’s in for Michonne.

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I hate my life.

Why can’t I just be healthy like a normal person fuck damn it.

My allergies are getting more and worse each year, month and day, combine that with my incurable nose condition and crooked nasal bone, and then guess how easy it is for me to breathe on a normal day. Then try on a bad day.

Just figures that my allergies for dust mites went up a notch and now I can’t sleep on a regular spring mattress because of mites.

Well new beds aren’t that bad but if I’m going to sleep on a spring mattress then I have to keep the beds coming and going and WHO THE FUCK has the money for that because if you buy a bed you expect to at least have it for a decade, right? NOW I can’t even have a bed for that long and UGH I don’t have the money for this.

I will just have to get a foam mattress bed and do they even come in 120cm? IF I HAVE TO SLEEP ON A 90cm BED I AM GOING TO BE MAD OK.

Angsting rn because my life sucks and sometimes I don’t even know why I get up in the morning. (OH I KNOW BECAUSE I CAN’T SLEEP BC ALLERGIES)

You know what I hate getting? Flowers.

Like who even came up with the idea to give away flowers? It’s the most stupid thing ever. I hate flowers.

If I get flowers from anyone on my birthday I will just get uncomfortable because I know what a freaking bouquet costs and that shit is not cheap and WHY would you spend that money on flowers? Just give me the money instead I will appreciate that more.

Also because they’re not potted I have to find a freaking vase and put them in water and have them on display SOMEWHERE. Oh yeah like I have a place for non-permanent decorations in my cramped living space. They will only get in the way of EVERYTHING and then in a few days they will wither and I have to throw it away.

THEN I will feel bad because I am basically throwing away ALL THAT MONEY. Also I am throwing away your gift and it feels really disrespectful and mean.

Some people argue that you can dry the flowers and keep them like that. OK like NO thank you I have had my share of dried flowers before and I ended up making a mess because somewhere along the line I will bump into them even if they’re up on the wall or something. It will all crumble and make a mess and then I have to clean it up.

ARGH I just hate flowers and omg my worst nightmare is like what if I’m going on a date and my date gives me flowers. I would just be like OK no second date for you!!!

And this made me think of all those movies that had a scene with some guy giving a girl a room full of flowers. Like the room is LITERALLY covered in bouquets of flowers. DUDE how much money did you actually spend on something that will wither and die in 3 days and YOU COVERED HER ENTIRE APARTMENT HOW IS SHE GOING TO MOVE ABOUT IN THAT PLACE LIKE DID YOU EVEN THINK? NO I DON’T THINK SO AND DID YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT LIKE HOW MUCH CLEANING UP SHE HAVE TO DO NOW AND ALL THOSE FLOWERS WON’T FIT IN HER GARBAGE BIN SO SHE HAVE TO ORDER SOME SPECIAL GARBAGE PICK UP AND THAT IS GOING TO COST EXTRA I DON’T THINK YOU EVEN THOUGHT AHEAD AT ALL LIKE ARE YOU STUPID?

Yes this has been bothering me for a while I feel better now.

I want to write on my fanfic but I can’t. Too much is happening rn in Teen Wolf and if I write now I’ll mess up timeline really bad. So I’m gonna wait until after the finale.

So on another note, if anyone reads this far which I don’t think many will because I’m babbling about random stuff and I’m totally just gonna type random shit until you give up reading this ahahahhah, idk what more to say so I’ll just get straight to the point but I went on anon and sent some love to some of the people I follow. I hope you liked it, because it was all true. Now if you’re one of them and reading this you’re going to wonder if that anon was really me or wasn’t it. You’ll never know because it totally could be, or it couldn’t.

We were out of FILMJÖLK so I had to eat cereal with milk.

You know when your nail gets stuck on something and is bent backwards… yeah that hurts.

My thumbnail got stuck in my pants and this was my worst one yet, it started bleeding like crazy and my nail looks really fucked up. It fucking hurts.

posted 2 years ago

I should really not livestream tonight.

I should go to bed, and watch it first thing in the morning.

Because I’ve been good lately and been sleeping during the night and awake during the days. Thought I might keep doing that for a while longer. Let’s see how long it lasts =/

ANYWAY, ugh, tough decision but I’m already super tired and I will watch it FIRST THING anyway.

Talking Teen Wolf of course.

OK good night everyone :)

posted 2 years ago

Actually maybe I should just keep not knowing what the fuck happened. I’m glad that I was conveniently away during all the drama. I’ve read some afterwards about people being stupid and mean towards Jeff Davis about what he wrote but wth.

I swear if anyone I follow said something, without regrets or apologizing about it, I’m sure to unfollow. Like seriously, is that really how you treat someone, anyone?

I don’t care if it was 1 person or 10 people or however many, I’m sure it was a minority of the fandom, but even so, hate hears the loudest and it’s seen more clearly than the love.

I understand that sometimes you can be “in the heat of the moment” and say some things you might regret later. But always think twice about what you’re saying. Most of the times it doesn’t need saying. and if it does. Make sure it’s sophisticated and well a thought out opinion. Sleep on it.