My dream is to see the world and I’m just getting started

posted 1 month ago

I keep forgetting to update X),…. I mean can’t things just reblog themselves? I’ve become too lazy.

I made some vegetarian katsu curry rice today :D (it’s a breaded soya steak if you’re wondering).
Katsu curry rice is the most delicious Japanese food ever, and it’s a good thing I managed to make a vegetarian version of it :)) It’s just as good as the normal one (I have tasted both so).

I’M HOME! Finally :D yay

Paris was great, ok bye I’m going to bed.

I’m going to Paris tomorrow

I am supposed to be packing…. akjhjagjhagfjhhajd
*on computer all day*

posted 1 year ago

damn it i can’t send anymore asks

posted 1 year ago

time to go on an ask spree

posted 1 year ago

oh well, seems like I have to stream my jdrama from another site than dramacrazy from now on.

crying over maze runner photos

posted 1 year ago

idk what to reblog

reblogging is hard

posted 1 year ago