Let’s rob the Magic School.

Pimping this awful movie because of Snails!

Don’t be… dead. Would you do that just for me?

The reason I watched 21 Jump Street

Johnny Depp in different outfits

Spiffy movie characters: Snails

played by Marlon Wayans in Dungeons & Dragons

This movie is so freakin’ bad, it gets good. Or it might just be Snails’ awesomeness. This character is the best sidekick ever. My life were never complete without him. Oh the bromance of Ridley/Snails. I went down with that ship.

This is the Ridleyest thing I’ve ever heard of!

Spiffy movie characters: Graverobber

played by Terrance Zdunich in Repo! the Genetic Opera

Who doesn’t just love his deep voice, right? Also this character’s costume design is pretty awesome. Well, more like the entire movie. I just love the bits of cyberpunk in it.

Goth Opera, Blood Saga.

Spiffy movie characters: Robin de Noir

played by Augustus Prew in Secret of Moonacre

I just love the way he runs. Waving his arms like a madman. I adore the person who made his costume design. Why don’t people dress like this for real.

Also, ignore the fact that I haven’t made any cool edits to the gifs.