I hate my life.

Why can’t I just be healthy like a normal person fuck damn it.

My allergies are getting more and worse each year, month and day, combine that with my incurable nose condition and crooked nasal bone, and then guess how easy it is for me to breathe on a normal day. Then try on a bad day.

Just figures that my allergies for dust mites went up a notch and now I can’t sleep on a regular spring mattress because of mites.

Well new beds aren’t that bad but if I’m going to sleep on a spring mattress then I have to keep the beds coming and going and WHO THE FUCK has the money for that because if you buy a bed you expect to at least have it for a decade, right? NOW I can’t even have a bed for that long and UGH I don’t have the money for this.

I will just have to get a foam mattress bed and do they even come in 120cm? IF I HAVE TO SLEEP ON A 90cm BED I AM GOING TO BE MAD OK.

Angsting rn because my life sucks and sometimes I don’t even know why I get up in the morning. (OH I KNOW BECAUSE I CAN’T SLEEP BC ALLERGIES)