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Gaaah you are so cute ;_;

Thank you omg X)

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Psssh, I tried taking pics from above but I looked like a retard. I don’t even want to show those. I am a backwards person D: lmao no model omg I thought I was a model when I was like 16 and made some amateur shoots but 1 in 100 pics were decent then I just hated myself and never again so D:

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What :D Yay thank you soooo much. Wow this made my day!

bringmethetrenchcoat asked: Okay it is your birthday :3 So happy birthday and I hope you will have a wonderful day!<3 *throwing some confetti in the air just because of reasons* Wohoo! I don't know what more to write and it's too late to write things for me because I just ramble on but happy birthday once again and eat some cake or w/e you prefer to eat ;)

Thank you :D I am such a mess after the Teen Wolf episode omg… But I think I’m OK, I will get through this day :D

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Tumblr Crushes:

So I thought I should start posting my crushes once a week. It’s week based right? Anyway cheers cool people! :)

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Oh that sucks :c You can talk to me at least ehehehehe…

You are really too precious for this world. <3 I’m surprised anyone is actually talking to me when I’m like this XD But I guess it would get worse if no one did. I’m good now… I’m better.

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I think it looks good ^^ It’s not easy doing bodies like that but everything looks right. I really like it.

Thank you, everything looks right are you sure about that? X) I really need to get those hands and feet done though. Appreciate you took your time to come look and leave a comment omg, these moments I could just cry happy tears. You don’t even know how much gratitude I have for even the smallest feedbacks. 

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What have you tried getting feedback about? x) I can maybe help you :3

Just some art I posted, it’s a work in progress. I guess I was being sensitive about it and angsting because I never show my art and you know it takes a lot to post. I was just overreacting I guess.

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WAT… 8)

1. I drink about 8 cups of tea a day. No joke, I have one beside me rn.

2. I’m an ace, asexy posts could appear on my blog from time to time.

3. I live with my stepmother (my dad’s ex wife, he remarried.) and my two half brothers… and three cats.

4. I used to live in Tokyo during 2007-2009. I miss it a lot.

5. In 2005 I went to Collectormania in England for the sole purpose of meeting some of the Harry Potter cast. It was a day full of asdjghfadgsfhgfajg, since I met a few actors from other movies too.

6. I’m very impulsive. I can wake up one day and just buy a ticket somewhere. Last autumn I went to Berlin with a friend just like that to drink some beer.

7. I should mention I live in Sweden, which explains my need to travel. My country is fine, but ugh… so boring.

8. I own 3 sewing machines, and 1 overlock. I sew stuff, like a boss.

9. I always laugh at my own jokes.

10. I don’t have a bookcase so all my books (which is a lot) is piled up in a beautiful pyramid.

Ok, so I suck at this. I hope someone enjoyed reading this. Thanks by the way, for tagging me. :D