momecat asked: hows the honey that got me into teh supernatural doin'?

Lmao It took me forever to notice I had an ask XD So not used to see that anymore…

I’m doing fine ~ Gosh so sorry I haven’t been talk active on tumblr recently. LJ sucked me back :O

How are you?  ♥~(‘▽^人)

I bet you’re cursing me now that the show has gone off the rails XD  I don’t even know anymore myself.

beautifullynightmare asked: I am so jealous at you! I want to meet Natalie dormer too! Please let her come to Denmark :(

I was just lucky to be working that day :) Maybe you’ll be lucky too :D

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momecat asked: Your ask was broken? D: that explains it... you've been absent and I've missed you... I think i was mostly blaming you for bringing spn into my life and completely whipping me. Haha.

Yes lol silly me, I could’ve fixed it sooner if I just googled it right away.


I know I am so evil. I was fully aware of how Supernatural ruins you and still I kept nagging you to see it XDD There is a special place for me in hell.


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momecat asked: IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! :DDDDD

I think I fixed my asks now?!? Does it work?

OK real answer: What is all my fault? I can’t remember what we talked about because I’ve been having trouble with asks, apparently it was missing e idek. D:

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momecat asked: Please explain what is excellent about Merlin and why I should watch it?

Uhm sorry it took a while I was getting food :)

First because it’s a new way of telling the Arthurian legend. Instead of having Merlin older than Arthur they are the same age and that dynamic is really interesting. Also it opens up a new slash pairing to ship (the UST OMG) :) Even though I ship all the ships in Merlin especially Merlin/Morgana but omg I do that in every Arthurian story.

Fresh young actors you really like, what surprised me was how much I really liked Merlin. Somehow it’s always hard for show-writers to not get people to be annoyed or dislike the main character. But Merlin is among my 3 favorites with Stiles and Castiel.

You are in for a lot of fun episodes that have you laugh, but also episodes that make you cry, both because of sadness and of happiness because everything is so beautiful omg.

The only thing which can be annoying is how it can be repetitive and predictable. But the ups clearly weigh more so gogo :D

momecat asked: What is your all-time favorite movie?

I have to say The Labyrinth, because it’s been my favorite since I was a kid. I have always loved that movie.

But I also kind of have so much love for a small group of movies I think I mentioned Repo! the Genetic Opera before, but I also want to point out that The Fifth Element is so freaking awesome I’ve always loved that movie it might be the closest after The Labyrinth, it might even win over Labyrinth if it didn’t have so much nostalgic significance 

Yes :)

Anonymous asked: Share a secret?

Now don’t go telling everyone you know…. but

Some years ago, I was still in High School but I had a lot of internet friends already back then because of which was a Swedish Harry Potter fansite. Anyway there was this girl who I was friends with who lived half across the country from me, but one evening when we were chatting she was like “Can you come over tomorrow we’re kind of having a gathering in my town, you can sleep at my place”

And I just can’t say no to adventure, and I am always so impulsive so I just bought a train ticket. Then I remembered it was a school night and that I should really get permission from my dad (who I was living with at the time) But I knew he wouldn’t let me go, hell I wouldn’t have let me go if I was a parent XD 

So I just made up some excuse that I was going to study at a friends house and probably sleep over and I would see him the day after when I came home from school. And he was like sure ok XDD

So instead of going to school that day I called in sick and took the train half across the country, spent the day with an internet friend whom I hadn’t even met irl before, we had loads of fun that day and we stayed up late goofing around and then I had to go home the day after D:

I got back to school just in time for the last period and pretended I just overslept XD

Then I got back home, told my dad the studying went great. Never told him the truth ahahahhaha

This is why I’m the worst daughter ever

Anonymous asked: What is your current favorite song?

What, an anon, yay :D

Uhm, that is hard. I don’t want to be boring and answer my supposed all time favorite because there will always be that song.

But my current favorite which is right now something I’m grooving to is The Orion Experience - NYC Girl

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momecat asked: ahaha this answer is gonna take a little and my parents just called me down for PIE so brb!!!!

I’ll just wait here then :p

nerdapple asked: Omg Liz what are you doing. Are you legit making my night a millions times better and sending me questions or have you been taken over by some evil computery minions?

LMAO XD I’ve been spamming some people with random questions, I thought it could be your turn to get some :)